Extraction Site Preservation

When removing a tooth it is important to consider what should be done with the empty space after that tooth is removed. When a tooth is removed and nothing is done with the extraction site, the jaw bone will degenerate and change shape during healing and may cause your teeth to shift. This can create problems with your bite and affect your ability to speak and chew.

If you are considering restoring the space with a dental implant, a sturdy jaw bone is necessary to support it. If you opt for a dental bridge, the bridge must be molded and placed before the teeth shift. Placing an extraction site preservation material, helps to maintain robust gum and bone to support these restorative options.

Dr. Solomon will have a conversation with you about what you would like to do with your extraction site before having your tooth removed. He will be able to make a recommendation and layout a treatment plan for you, detailing all of your options. Make sure to schedule follow up appointments to properly care for your extraction site.

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